AN CAFÉ’s Vocalist Miku and RICE FORCE’s Collaboration Project


可愛湯’s Яock レシピ

In the popular-selling book Kaayusu Rock Recipes. Photos and Essays by Miku of AN CAFÉ, Miku mentions his love for RICE FORCE products!



Let’s start our discussion!

RICEFORCE’s Staff(Staff): Thank you for being a loyal customer of RICE FORCE, I heard you have been using our product for about a year?

MIKU: Yes, I’ve been using RICE FORCE products for about a year now.

Staff: I was surprised and flattered when I recently read about it on the “MOBAGE” blog.

MIKU: Thank you very much.

Staff: Miku, you have flawless skin, do you have any makeup on today?

MIKU: No, not today.

Staff: Really??

MIKU: Yes.

“Even while on tour, I was able to maintain my nice complexion because of RICE FORCE products.” –Miku

Staff: Wow, I’m jealous! Your skin looks amazing!
By the way, what is your opinion about our products?

MIKU: When I first started using RICE FORCE products, I noticed that it was very gentle on my skin. I can almost feel it slowly seeping deep into my skin (laugh). I love that the cream isn’t greasy, it goes on light and feels so silky.

Staff: Wow, I can really tell by your comment that you take very good care of your skin every day. How has your skin condition been since you’ve started using RICE FORCE products?

MIKU: In the beginning, I couldn’t sense a drastic change, but after diligently using if for about 2 to 3 months, the difference in my skin condition was apparent. I guess I couldn’t tell because it was a gradual change. But, in comparison to before using RICE FORCE products, my skin is completely balanced and I am amazed at the results.

Staff: Has your makeup been staying on better? It must be pretty hard on your skin when you repeatedly apply and remove makeup, but how has it been using RICE FORCE products?

Staff: I heard you took RICE FORCE products on your overseas tour too.

MIKU: Yes, I did!! I really depend on RICE FORCE products. So, for example, if I am on tour and forget to bring the products with me, I would definitely go home to get it even if I’ve already arrived at my tour site,

Staff: You wouldn’t go back from Europe, would you?

MIKU: Well, not so much Europe, but if it’s within the city limits, I would definitely go home to pick it up.

Staff: Wow, thank you very much!
Did you find the climate to be dry while you were overseas?

MIKU: Yes, it was really dry, but because I had my RICE FORCE products, my skin was saved. When my friends and makeup artists see me using RICE FORCE products, they all advocate it. Everyone seems to be familiar with the wonderful benefits.

I feel so grateful I met RICE FORCE-miku

Staff: By the way, did your mother receive our products?

MIKU: Oh, yes, I brought it over to her. I got an e-mail from her last night saying, “thank you very much!” to you guys.

Staff: Did she like it?

MIKU: Yes, she was very happy with it.

Staff: Thank you, please recommend our products to her.

MIKU: Well, I personally think this is a great product. I never really had great skin while I was growing up.

Staff: Really? I know I keep asking the same question, but you don’t have any make up on today, right? Your skin is flawless!

MIKU: RICE FORCE products are my holy grail. My skin is really healthy now, and it’s a nice boost to my self-confidence to hear my makeup artists say, “Your skin is really beautiful.” I feel so grateful I met RICE FORCE.

“I am attracted to women with beautiful skin”  -Miku

Staff: OK, last question. Do you prefer girls with beautiful skin?

MIKU: Yes, I am attracted to women with beautiful skin.

Staff: Is it something you look at right away?

MIKU: Yes, my eyes tend to follow women with beautiful skin.

Staff: What would like to convey to An Cafe fans about RICE FORCE?

MIKU: Well, I don’t mean to sound like an advertisement, but in my case I actually use the products and believe it works. If any of the An Cafe fans are having issues with their skin, I think they should try RICE FORCE first. It’s the best way to heal skin problems and improve complexion.

Staff: Is it almost like the fast-track way?

MIKU: Yes, I think it’s a no-brainer, everyone should try RICE FORCE.

Staff: You seem to really love RICE FORCE products, thank you very much.

MIKU: I absolutely love the products. I will always remain a loyal customer

AN CAFE's Miku PROFILE アンティック-珈琲店- みく
A popular vocalist of AN CAFE, a “Harajuku-style Dance Rock Band” which boasts a global fan base. Born on Januray 5, Blood Type A. In addition to his singing career, Miku writes for a column in a Japanese fashion magazine. On December 9, 2009, the band will drop its’ first “Best of” Album. Their next concert date is scheduled for January 9, 2010, at the famous Budokan.